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For example the young people are not supposed to do sex before relationships

Demise from the Colombian community is seen as a changeover within the and this somebody avoid residing in the new real community however, continues to reside in brand new heart community. They think that there surely is lifetime shortly after passing hence shortly after it pass away it return with their forefathers.

On individuals levels, symptoms and transitions, folks are anticipated to function for the a certain ways inability in order to that they have been shown to help you defile the tradition.

Once they get it done they are punished severely and will feel excommunicated in the community. Within teenage and younger mature phase, the young everyone is broke up based on the genders. Men was separated regarding ladies. The reason being they need more teachings on the lives and you can requirements.

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Interpersonal Dating

Greet try a sign of a good affairs certainly people. When you look at the Colombia, people are anticipated to anticipate both once they meeting. Handshaking is one of well-known and you can appropriate technique for welcome for every single other. It is thought about polite in order to allowed one another of the trembling hand when you fulfill as well as when leaving. Female is extent the hands basic, following men to adhere to responding.

Moreover, ladies are expected to keep forearms whenever anticipate dudes. Handshake anywhere between guys is definitely strenuous and you may close friends may even accept both. At exactly the same time, close friends may kiss as a way from desired each other.

Inside Colombian society, greetings is to with a little cam that aims in the once you understand others party’s welfare. The means to access term is also essential during the enjoy and it is polite to maintain eye contact. To own opposite sex, limited kiss with the cheek was traded inspite of the relationships between the 2.

Disputes commonly advised one of many Colombians. not, after they develop it ought to be anywhere between folks of a comparable age. When the children disagrees with an elder people it is referred to as an insult. Women are plus banned in order to argue which have men. This might be daha fazla yardimci i̇pucu seen as shortage of submissiveness and you may regard towards direct of the loved ones. Expanded disputes is going to be eliminated simply because they may cause a beneficial strive.

Whether your people in it are not able to concur, a 3rd party would be on it to assist resolve the argument. In other instances, insults try indicated by decreased esteem for other people, impolite address or even nonverbal methods geared towards offensive another individual. The fresh new Colombian culture for this reason prompts a great social matchmaking certainly individuals. It entails a beneficial coexistence and no disagreements and insults from one several other.


There clearly was a wide range of languages and you may dialects which might be spoken inside the Colombia. It’s been filed one to as time goes on, of numerous languages perish. However, there are numerous languages which can be however being used. It is projected one to a hundred and one dialects stayed inside Colombia. Currently, eighty one come in fool around with.

The essential popular languages is Carijona, Desano, Achagua, Totoro, Arthuaco and Piaroa. Additionally, Piratapuvo, Siona, Cameras, Guayabero and you may Tariano can be used. The fresh national and you will specialized code was Language. It originated from Indo-European group of dialects. Achagua is actually second in order to Foreign-language. This has a large group utilizing it as well and particularly those individuals about East area of the nation.

More twenty dialects were damaged. They tend to be Andaqui, Cauca, Chipiajes, Ansema, Barbacoas, Natagaimas, Runa,Omejes and you may Ponares. It’s important to remember that a little group of people and especially upper class, use English. This is certainly prominent for the metropolitan cities. Code performs a big role on Colombian society. It is used to generally express. They will act as a symbol of unity one of several anyone.